Name Conc. Application
Metaclean MS 10-30 ml/l General purpose Neutral detergent cleaner, ideal for most metal substrates & for ultrasonic unit at 10 ml/l.
Metaclean CAC 40-60 g/l First stage, low temperature cleaner for both F & n-F components, removes initial load of solid oil.
Metaclean AC40 40-80 g/l A general purpose for ferrous & non-ferrous substrates. Low cost, equivalent to Metaclean ACT.
Metaclean 105 25-50 g/l High efficieny cleaner for ferrous and n-F, specially Brass & Zinc Removes oils, greases and other soils.
Metaclean ACT 10-40 g/l Loc conc., long life, Ferrous, Copper & Brass, removes mineral oil, tenacious lanolin grease and soil.
Metaclean ZX 40-50 g/l Mid general purpose for all metals (including steel, brass, zinc & aluminium). Also a cathodic cleaner.
Metaclean ZX-E 40-50 g/l Low alkalinity general purpose cleaner for all metals. Also used as a cathodic cleaner.
Allclean 2010 100-200 g/l For effective removal of heavy heat treatment scales, soils / oils from steel substrates.
Metaclean OX 50-100 g/l For case hardened, descaling & degreasing for removal of heavy duty heat treatment scales from MS/SS.
Metaclean AX 100 g/l High C.D. Anodic hot alkaline for Steel. Excellent smut removing properties, emulsifies, oil & grease.
Metaclean AX-X 80-100 g/l Used primarily as an anodic alkaline Cleaner for steel, 30-40 g/l for non-ferrous components.
Metaclean 104 20-50 g/l Heavy duty hot anodic alkaline for steel. Removes oil & grease. Soak cleaner for leaded brass & castings.
Metaclean KW 75 g/l High effective second stage cleaner Ferrous and cathodic for n-F to remove metallic & oxide films.
Metaclean KX 125 g/l A mild electrolytic cathodic cleaner for brass, copper, nickel, silver & precious metals.
Metaclean HW 100 g/l A cyanide based cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, for soak / cathodic cleaning.
Metaclean MK 25-40 g/l Soak or Electrolytic cleaner for non-etch cleaning of aluminium, non silicates or caustic.
Metaclean ALF 25-50 g/l Alkaline Cleaner / Etcher at low conc. for the production of a semi-bright matt finish for Al.
Metaclean Albond 25-40 g/l A cleaner used cathodically for alloy zincating of aluminium, before plating.
Albond Dip Full Zincating of aluminium and its alloys. It enables direct nickel deposits w/o intermediate Cu Plating.
Desmutting Salts 25-40 g/l Desmutting of aluminium during pre-treatment. C: 25 to 40 g/l, at ambient temp.
Brisol AL Full Electro brightening solution for aluminium and aluminium alloys. Use Brisol AL, ready to use solution.
Brisol CA Full Chemical brightening solution for aluminium. Use Brisol CA, ready to use solution, at 90 to 105ºC.
Pickle Aid 50 ml/l Inhibitor, emulsifiers & accelerators, acid pickel aids cleaning and pickling prior to cleaning.
Picsal S Full Inhibited composite acid pickle for descaling iron and steel. Minimises hydrogen embrittlement.
Dry Acid Salt 60 g/l For Steel alternate to conc. acids, 75 g/l for Brass & Copper, 20 g/l for ZBDC, 200 g/l for HT scales.
Picsal BR 500 ml/l A composite acid pickle for descaling brass, copper and its alloys. Minimises tarnishing.
Picsal AD 100-200 g/l An alkaline pickle for derusting and descaling iron and steel, with or w/o cyanide. Also used for Cu.
Rinse Aid 10-30 ml/l Improves rinsing efficieny of post plating rinses, especially in Acid zinc plating operation, min. carryovers.
Defoamer SD As reqd. Antifoaming agent.
Brassal Z 75-150 g/l Yields a deposit with a standard yellow colour and can be used for decorative rack or barrel.
Brassal ZNC 75 g/l Yields a deposit with a rich golden colour and can be used for decorative rack or barrel.
Brassal BB As reqd. Brightening agnet.
Cadsal Z 75 g/l Produces a smooth, matt white deposit with good throwing power. For general rack cadmium plating.
Cadsal KS 175 g/l For Vat & 155 g/l for Barrel, KSI (Initial), KSM (Maint) & KSG (Grain Refiner), An economical process.
Cadsal KM 175 g/l Gives brightness even in low C.D. areas. Rack/barrel. Simple to maintain. High temperature tolerance.
Cupsal Z 50-130 g/l A solution cyanide based process, slow speed solution, simple and economical. Cupsal Z (DX) light duty.
Cupsal CX 160-210 g/l High efficieny potassium cyanide based produces a fine grained thick deposit. Excellent throwing power.
Cupsal RH 125-200 g/l A mild alk., low cyanide based copper plating process, designed for Zn alloy die-casting. (DX) light duty.
Cupsal CBA 1 ml/l Additive for impurities remover.
Cupsal AD 200 g/l Base Salt, 10 ml/l ADA Brtr + H2SO4, fully bright, extremely high levelling & throwing powder.
Accustar 400 200-250 g/l 400 A: <6ml, 400 B: <0.6 ml/l, 400 C: <12 ml/l, Bright with exceptional travelling and high ductility.
Accustar 500 200-250 g/l 500 A: <0.5ml, 500 B: <0.5 ml/l, 500 C: <10 ml/l, High performance, exceptional levelling & high ductility.
Cupro Tarnil 10-40 ml/l Anti tarnish of copper & copper deposit.
Cupsal PP 375 g/l Pyrophosphate, environment friendly cyanide free, has a good throwing power, no effluent issues.
Copstar NC 201 300 ml/l Base, 130 ml/l- 202 Additive, 203 Buffer for pH adjustment, New eco-compatible non-cyanide, alkaline.
Nisal AB 125 g/l Dull soft nickel for rack plating. Can be used w/o heating or filtration. Deposits are normally polished.
Nisal NG 60 g/l Beautiful jet black finish. Ideal for decorative uses on articles as varied as giftware & tools. Nisal NGR Add.
Nisal 80 V 375 g/l Base Salt for preparing bright nickel plating bath used with brightener. Nisol 80 V (DX) light duty salt.
Nickel Brighteners
Levelbrite R 850/851 10-20 ml/l (KAh 150 ml R 850 and 225 ml R 851). Economical Brtr R850/851 Plus series & R 852 for MS
Nisol 1279/1280 20 ml/l Additive & 0.3 ml/l Nisol 1280 (KAh 200 ml each), Full bright high levelling ductile rack nickel process.
Speedilite 521/523 20 ml/l Additive & 1.5 ml/l 523 Brightener (KAh 200 ml 523 Brightener), for rack.
Superlux BL-55 0.5-1.0 ml/l Additive & 1.5 ml/l 523 Brightener (KAh 200 ml 523 Brightener), for rack.
Superlux 200/600 20 ml/l Additive & 10-15 ml/l (KAh 80-150 / Additive 50-100), successfully used for barrel plating application.
Superlux 650/655 10-20 ml/l Additive & 0.2-1 ml/l 655 Brightener, (KAh 150 ml & 100ml), Fast brightening rate, brilliant deposit.
Superlux XL 1050/1051 20 ml/l Initial & 0.3 ml/l 1551 Maint, (KAh 150 ml & 225ml), Fully bright, high levelled ductile, low stress deposit.
Xtrabrite R 860/851 10-20 ml/l Additive (KAh 175-225 ml 852 Brightener), General purpose Bright Nickel plating process.
Nisal GMA/GMC 375 g/l Salt, 0.2 ml/l GMA, 5 ml/l GMC, 0.5 g/l, GM 30 & 0.6 m/l Antipit, (KAh 140 ml GMA & 14g GM 30).
ChemiPure Semi Bright 375 g/l Nisol 80V, Chemipure SBI Add, <12 ml, (SBI >60 ml & SBM 100-200 ml /KAh), High levelling & ductile.
Trini Tri Nickel 375 g/l Nisol 80V, Trini Addition Agent 10 ml/l, (Maint. 40-60 ml /KAh), High sulphur (0.15%) triple layered.
Satinex Satin Nickel 600 g/l Salt, Neosat Add. A2 20 ml/l, Neosat Add. B4 5 ml/l, Neosat Add. C16 4-6 ml/l, uniform & smooth finish.
Nifoss 1800 Electroless 60 ml/l Base, 200 ml/l Make up & Reducer, few generation medium phosphorous ENP, bright deposit.
Nifoss 2500 Electroless 60 ml/l Base, 200 ml/l Make up & Reducer, fully bright medium phosphorous ENP with consistently high rate.
Nifoss 2500 (HP) Electroless 60 ml/l Base, 200 ml/l Make up & Reducer, for high phosphorous ENP, high corrosion resistance.
Nickel Sulphamate <550 g/l Low stress, dull nickel deposit for heavy duty applications and electroforming.
Nickel Sulphate As basic chemical for initial make up and maintenance of Nickel bath.
Nickel Chloride As basic chemical for initial make up and maintenance of Nickel bath.
Nisol 80 Wetter Antipit (L)
Nisol 80 Wetter CA Antipit powder
Nisol Purifier Insoluble filter media for use in filter pack to remove metallic impurities from Nickel bath.
Nisol Sequestrant L/P/SB <2 ml/l, Elimination of the effects of metallic contamination like Cu & Zn in Ni plating bath.
Nickel Additive 855 1-2 ml/l, Advanced purifier used to improve tolerance to metallic impurities & Cr receptivity.
Ferricure 1-2 g/l, A complexing / sequestering agent for minimising adverse effects of iron build up from Nickel bath.
Levelbrite LCD Extender 0.5-1 ml/l, To improve the throwing powder in LCD areas and to metallic impurities.
Nickel Booster For use in all nickel solution for increasing levelling, brightness.
Brite Booster 51 Additive for enhancing brightness. To be used with regular addition of brighteners & additive.
Super Leveller 66 Special additive for enhancing levelling capability of existing brighteners system.
Activated Carbon For effective method of the removal of organic of organic materials from plating solution.
Chrosal ZB <525 g/l Conventional Bright Chrome, standard sulphate catalyst bath, trouble free and easy to work.
Chrosal HB 450 g/l Hi-Efficiency & high speed salt, medium to high concentration mixed catalysed. HBA <3 g/l Addition Agent.
Chrosal AC 70-100 g/l Specially blended, both bright and hard chromium plating solution. Easy to use and maintain.
Chrosal BK 450-500 g/l Salt, 3-5 g/l, BKA Additive, excellent Jet black chrome finish for functional & decorative application.
Chrosal ZH 260 g/l Conventional Hard Chrome, proven reliability & easy to control. No component etching.
Chrosal HHC 300 g/l High Speed Hard Chrome, has a higher cathode efficieny. Reduces build up on the edges.
Jet 2000 300 g/l Salt, 40 ml/l Initial Add., (Salt 150-170 g & Maint. Add. 60-100 ml/KAh). High Speed Etch Free Hard Chrome.
Jet 2000 (L) 550 ml/l Make Up Add., 400 ml/KAh Replenishment Add., Liquid version, high speed etch free process.
Chrosal CNC 3 g/l Neutralizing and chemically reducing the chrome solution carried over on plated components.
Chrosal CCS Conducting salt, for improvement of chrome deposit to avoid brown strains.
Minimist 0.8 g/l Stable spray suppressant for use in decorative chromium plating for controlling toxic fumes.
Liquimist C 1 ml/l Specially recommended for hard chrome plating bath to supress the fumes.
Barium Carbonate Used for reducing excess sulphate in chromium plating solution.
Silsal SS Strike Salt 75 g/l recommended strike silver process prior to Silver plating to avoid the contamination to other metals.
Silsal Z 69 g/l Cyanide based for decorative and functional finishes. Produces a matt, white silver deposit.
Silsal AX 210 g/l A high speed, dull cyanide silver plating for industrial applications such as contacts and bearings.
Silsal SV Bright Silver 225 g/l +KCN 50 g/l, 2000 A 1 ml/l, 2000 B 3 ml/l, High speed decorative, hard, good levelling.
Agento HB 2005 A 225 g/l +KCN 50 g/l, 10 ml/l 2005 A, 8-10 ml 2005 B, 15-20 ml 2005 C, For mirror bright haze free deposits.
Silsal DC 1.8 part by weight, Decarbonate Salt.
Passival AG 100 g/l For decorative & industrial silver deposit to reduce tarnishing. Silver Passivation Process.
Eltin 200(S) / (L) 40g/l-40ml/l Immersion Tin Coating for decorative application over Brass Copper & Copper Alloys. Immersion tin.
Tinsal Z <250 g/l Alkaline Tin process, a special stannate type solution with excellent throwing power for rack & barrel use.
Stanolite MS Salt 50 g/l Stn. Sulphate, + H2SO4 100 ml/l, Stanolite Initial Brtr 40 ml/l, Stanolite Maint Brtr 4g/l, Bright Acid Tin.
Tin Fluoborate Soln. 334 ml/l Dull Tin deposit. Acid solution ideal for high speed plating of wire and sheet.
Lead Fluoborate Soln. 334 ml/l Dull Lead deposit which will plate upto 0.1 inch thick without difficulty.
For high, medium and low cyanide bright process. Exceptional brilliance, High temp. stability.
Turbozin 2000 Salt 50 g/l +35 g/l Sodium Hydroxide, 6 ml/l Turbozin 3000 Brtr for low cyanide bright zinc bath.
Turbozin 2000 Salt 100 g/l +6 ml/l Turbozin 3000 Brtr for medium cyanide bright zinc bath.
Cynostar BZS Salt 200 g/l +6 ml/l Turbozin 3000/6000/8000 Brtr, Zinsal D 0.1 ml/l, for high cyanide bright zinc bath.
Zinsal D A purifier for removing for metallic contamination.
Sup-A-Zin 'A' & 'B' a p l Bright & levelled mirror deposit across a wide C.D. range. Temp. tolerance & better passivation receptivity.
Sup-A-Zin XHT 401 M 20 ml/l +402 R: 1ml/l, +Sup-A-Zin A 120 ml/l +Sup-A-Zin B Salt 230 g/l, other brightner ranges.
Sup-A-Zin XHT 411M/412R Also available medium 411 MA / 412 RA & Lighter 411 MH & 412 RH version brighteners.
Eco friendly non-cyanide, exceptionally bright & ductile deposits, accept all passivation.
Ecozin Base Salt 250 g/l +Ecozin Brightener 10 ml/l, Ecozin Conditioner 5 ml/l.
Ecozin 2018 New generation process giving highly ductile, fully bright deposit over wide C.D. range.
Ecozin 2018 Base Salt 200 g/l +Ecozin 2018 A 15 ml/l, Ecozin 2018 B 3 ml/l, Ecozin 2018 C 2 ml/l, Ecozin 2018 D 12 ml/l.
Blue Pass 2000 4 g/l Chromating Process, very clear and pleasing bluish chrome-like colour on zinc.
Blue Pass 3000 4 g/l Blue Passivation, produce clear bluish bright chrome like chromate conversion coating on zinc.
Passival CCD Clear Passivaiton for Cadmium, excellent tarnish resistance and reduces alkali staining.
Passifix Improving adhesion of chromate film over bright Zn & Cd deposit, corrosion & UV resistance.
Passival ZL 15 ml/l A liquid concentrate, gives full iridescent yellow passivation on Zn, Cd & Zn die-casting.
Passival ZL (DX) 15 ml/l Lightner version of Passival ZL
Passival Z 100 g/l Full iridescent passivation on zinc deposits, cadmium deposits and zinc die-castings.
Passn GN Green 80 ml/l Produces true olive green colour on zinc plated articles. Passn GN (DX) -Lightner version.
Passn GNP 80 ml/l Novel process for Olive Green Chromate Passivation. Passn GNP (DX) -Lightner version.
Passn GNZ 90 ml/l Olive Green passivated coating give maximum corrosion resistance to zinc and cadmium deposits.
Passn BK 850/851 100 ml/l each, Intensely black, corrosion resistant passivation film on Zinc. BK 850/851 Plus -higher version.
Blue Coat 200 30 ml/l Improving the uniformity and tone of Blue passivated zinc plated components.
Blue Pass 3000 4 g/l Develops to produce clear bluish bright chrome like coating on zinc plated components.
Tri-HI 212 80-120 ml/l Blue chromate passivation for zinc deposit.
TriPass IR 100 100-150 ml/l Silvery yellowish white finish with slight irridescent finish. -higher version.
TriPass Blue 20 20-25 ml/l Blue chromate passivation for zinc deposits.
TriPass Blue 100 20-25 ml/l Distinct blue colour with very attractive pleasing finish.
TriPass Blue 150 140-160 ml/l Deep blue finish with higher corrosion resistance.
TriPass NP 2212 100-120 ml/l Yellowish iridescent coloured finish with higher corrosion resistance.
TriPass BK A 180-220 ml/l +80 ml/l BK(B), 15-30 ml/l BK(C), Deep black finish, aesthetic appeal, good corrosion performance.
MetaSeal 300 200-300 ml/l Sealing bath solution is to be prepared in a separate tank / container.
Oxidising Salt 12-25 g/l Produces an oxidised burnished Finish (Brown or Black) on copper & silver.
Ebony Black Zinc Blackening Two stage process 12 g/l Pre-dip & 5 g/l producing a rich black colour on zinc deposit.
BOSS 800 g/l Black Oxidising Salt for Steel. A high temperature process for producing a deep black finish.
Nisal NG 60 g/l Black Nickel Salt produces beautiful jet black finish. Nisal NGR - Maintenance additive.
Black Bronze 200 g/l +Ammonia & 50 ml/l Black Bonze Addition Agent. Imparts an ebony black finish which has no effect on brass.
PS 1000 200-250 ml/l Water soluble on conversion coatings to increase corrosion protection for all metal surface.
PS 2000 200-250 ml/l Top Coat protective sealant for chromate passivated zinc/alloy deposits.C:1 : 2-4 water.
Passival CP 200 g/l Colourless Passivation Process for Brass & Copper, Produces a clear passivation film.
Passival AG 100 g/l Silver Passivation Process, One stage process for passivating silver deposits.
Silvotarnil As reqd. An excellent anti-tarnish for Silver, a thin transparent film for protection, with solderability & conductivity.
Cuprotarnil 80-100 ml/l For anti tarnish coating on copper and copper plated components.
Stripsal NE 175 g/l Immersion stripping salt for electroplated deposits of Ni, Cu or Ag from steel components. Also NE-O & NE-H.
Striple NML 200 ml/l +150 g/l NMP, An immersion stripping process for nickel from steel. No attack on basic metal.
Stripsal NF 110 g/l Novel Approach to the removal of faulty Nickel deposits from Copper and its alloy substrates.
Stripsal PB 200 g/l Simple Immersion Chemical Stripping salts for Lead deposits.
Brisol AL Full Electro brightening solution for aluminium and alloys. Use Brisol AL & ALA accelerating additive accordingly.
Brisol CA Full Chemical brightening solution for aluminium. Use Brisol CA, ready to use solution.
Brisol HC Full Electro brightening solution for high carbon steel and 400 series stainless steel.
Brisol NF Full Electro brightening solution for non-ferrous material like copper and brass & Brisol NFR.
Brisol SS Full Electro brightening solution for SS. Produces excellent mirror finish on SS surfaces.
Braxpol Used for high speed abrasive finishing of SS, iron and steel also N-F components. Used on sisal mops/steelpol mops.
Chropol A green oxide composition for finishing chrome plate and imparting a very high brilliance. Unbleached Calico Soft finish/G quality mops.
Cimpol X For preliminary polishing or grease mopping of N-F metals & plastic. H quality or Unbleached B quality mops.
Empol A brushing emery composition for giving clear polish to steel articles prior to Nickel plating. Used in conjuction with fibre steelpol wheels.
Espol Used for removing firm abrasive marks from previous operations while polishing SS. Used on bleached Calico or Silsal mops.
Plastipol Used for producing a brilliant finish one celluloid, vulcanite, polystyrene and hard wood. Used on soft cloth or swansdown mops.
Rouge ‘A’ Used for final polishing of silver and gold deposits. Used on Soft quality mops.
Rouge ‘B’ A hard composition for silver work and high class brassware. Used on Soft / G quality mops.
Stipol A special green chrome oxide composition for obtaining a mirror finishing on SS. Unbleached Calico soft finish G quality mops.
Unipol Final polishing of SS. Unbleached Calico / soft finish G quality mops, producing a high reflective finish. Available in big & small soaps.
Spray Cut A liquid polishing compound used on automatic polishing machines for burnishing of steel. Used on silsal fibre mops. 15 to 40ºC.
Spray Fine Fine finishing of F and N-F metals. Nickel finishing and colouring or final finishing. Used on silsal fibre mops. 15 to 40ºC.
Spray White Final finishing of SS and other alloy steel. Suitable for aluminium finishing. Used on air flow /silsal fibre mops.
Colcem A & B Novel cement mix for abrasive-adhesive coating on polishing wheels. Colcem A (Liquid) 500 gm, Colcem B (Powder) 300 gm and
add water to get 1000 gm and continue till desired viscosity is achieved. For applying on polishing wheels.
Barpol No.1 For deburring and general cleaning of metal.
Barpol No.2 Higher gloss after the use of No.1.
Barpol No.4 For the de-scaling of iron and steel components.
Barpol No.4A Neutralizing after de-scaled in No.4.
Barpol No.7 For the bright burnishing of iron and steel.
Barpol No.8 For burnishing N-F metals zinc brass etc.
Barpol No.10 Alt to No.8 for use in hard water areas.
Barpol No.11 For high speed deburring of F and N-F metals.
Barpol No.12 Aluminium die-castings to get matt finish.
Barpol No.13 For burnishing of brass and copper.
Barpol No.14 General purpose non-abrasive, for use in Harperizser.